Flavor of the Week – Maxie James

Hello there Flavors!   Meet our Flavor of the Week, Los Angeles Owner and Designer, Maxie James.

I have followed Maxie James via social media for quite some time now.  And one thing I can say for sure about my fellow Virgo is she has NEVER failed at presenting herself with so much Flavor that I’m sure some people don’t even know what to do in her presence.  That’s some real Virgo shit.  🙂


Maxie James

Jacket: Celine ~ Shirt: Givenchy Men’s T ~ Shoes: Gucci ~ Bag: Louis Vuitton


Maxie aka Geraldine (haha) is also one of the most successful self made Boss Badies in the Fashion game right now.  Her woman’s formal wear line Ellaé Lisqué has recently launched their third collection.  And hunny let me tell you something, IT IS AMAZING.  Take a look below at some of her pieces from the latest launch of her  third collection.  BTW,  for all my Los Angeles Flavors, you may even find you a last minute New Year ansambel .  Thank me later!










As Maxie would say…

“Allow Ellaé Lisqué to inspire you to see yourself in a new vibrant light. To remind you not to be too timid, be prominent and comfortable in your own skin. There’s nothing sexier then a confident woman.”





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